A Message from Prime Minsiter Jake

Thank you to everyone who did vote for me.
by now you may have heard that I WON IT that;s right i did.
i won Th'election'.

As you can seee i won it because i got the most number
clossely followed by Alex Fewtrell unlucky to him he was a good cadidate for prime minister]
but in the end it lOoks like i am best.

not Even Boris could surmount ME!

Im still gona send gays to the gallows so watch out f*ags!!!

hangin' zone.jpg

so yeah! I'm gonna make it Good Again(TM)
that's my slogan now 'it' reffers to the uk which is bad
but once everyone has their free copy of gamin' and all the GAYS are in da gallows it will be good again.

GOOD BYE AND ALSO NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-jake (signature)