A Message from Prime Minsiter canddiate Jake

Basically I am runnin' for prime minister cause i bet i could make a meaner damson jam than Boris and Jeremy also.
If you ask me they both like to suck BALLS and also cock because their so bad at politics.

If i was prime minister i would bild more schools and also hospitals in case people get poorly.
i'll also send people i dont like to DA GALLOWS!!! THAT INCLUDES HOMOSEXALS

hangin' zone.jpg

and also i will sell the nhs cause i bet its worth loads of money wiv all that stuff in the hospitals
I Am going to use the money that I Get From That and nationalise gaming
basically everyone in the cuntry can pay a taxes and get a game of their choosing out of:
1. Garfield Kart on the switch

2. Deal or no deal on the ds

3. Horid henry on the 3Ds

4. cod

Basically every is gaming and its free gamin also.

Now I know climate chamge is massive right now Thats Why I'm Gonna Make Global Warmimg ILLEGAL!! YOU CANT DO its
if I catch you warming the global I Will send you too.....

hangin' zone.jpg

I will also make imigrants ILLEGAL!! get out our countery stinky foren people or I will throw you in the
in the sea myself and make u swim home. Thats rite

Also I will make being fa██ot legal. im not gonn a stop u from havin the bumsex if you really wana.
even tho YOUR going to hel!!!

So yeh thats basically it. you can vote for the prime minister down THERE (underneath)

WHO R U VOITNG FOR (press on buttons)